Friday, December 30, 2011

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Buy Fine Art Online - Quang Ho Example
Buying fine art online through is easy. Fine Art World provides artists and galleries with content management tools that allow them to log in, upload their artwork, add pricing information, and then then sell their art.

Art collectors can then browse through a variety of high quality artists and galleries quickly and easily. is designed to be simple and clean. The artwork is the focal point which allows collectors to view artwork much like they would in a high-end gallery.

When artists or galleries choose to sell artwork directly through the Fine Art World website, transactions are seamlessly handled through PayPal. Paypal is safe, easy-to-setup, and has a trusted reputation.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Fine Art Websites - Petra Ackermann (German Artist)

Fine Art World provides fine art websites and online marketing services to a wide range of artists and galleries across the united states and around the world. In this post we are focusing on Petra Akermann, a German artist with a fascination for painting landscapes.

Petra Ackermann is a Fine Art World Premium Artist member. This means she receives a Fine Art World Independent Website or "stand-alone" artist website with its own web address ( ) plus she receives a Fine Art World Community Website ( ) located directly on Her Community Website can be access directly through the "Artists" page located directly on Fine Art World.

These two fine art websites have their advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately the sites complement one another in such a way that the artist reaps the benefits of both. The following examples will show the difference between Petra Ackermann's Fine Art World Independent Website and Community Website.

Petra Ackermann - Independent Artist Website
Petra Ackermann's Independent Artist Website
As mentioned above, the Independent website has it's own separate web address from the website: This gives the artist, Petra, her own personal website where she can market herself without fear of competition from the other artists and galleries located on

If Petra has business cards, she would put her Fine Art World Independent Web Address on the card instead of her Community Site web address. Her Independent Website is all about her and her artwork. When you look at her artist website, you'll notice there is no Fine Art World logo at the top of her site. You'll also notice that the Fine Art World yellow navigation or menu bar is gone. This means the "Artists" link that appears on Fine Art World does not appear on her Independent Site. Site visitors won't be tempted by other artists.

Petra can send clients, art collectors, and galleries to view her artwork and only her artwork.

Petra Ackermann - Community Artist Website
Petra Ackermann's Community Artist Website
While the Independent Websites are pretty amazing, they are missing one thing. They're missing the major exposure from the marketing efforts and sheer number of artists on the Community Website.

That's where Petra's Community Website comes in to play. Her Community Website is located directly on so she is able to reap the benefits of Fine Art World's traffic from art collectors, interior designers and interested galleries.

Fine Art World has 3 artist memberships: Artist Basic, Artist Basic +, and Artist Premium. All three memberships receive Fine Art World Independent Artist Websites, but only the Premium and Basic + receive a community website.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Buy Fine Art Online - Fine Art World

Fine Art World makes it easy to buy fine art online. Artwork is easily previewed directly from the artist directory page. Art Collectors have the option to browse an artist's entire collection. Purchases are quickly, safely, and seamlessly handled via PayPal. has been designed with the look and feel of a high-end gallery in mind. The layout is simple and clean. From the "Artists" page you can sample up to 6 images from each artist on Fine Art World without leaving the page. If you see an image or artist you like, you can click the artist's name and go directly to their Fine Art World Community website where you can browse from their entire collection of artwork. At any time, visitors can click the "Artists" link located at the top of the site to return to the artists list.

Artists and galleries have the power to quickly and easily manage the artwork on their site. This gives them the power to ensure that the artwork and information on Fine Art World is current and up-to-date.

Fine art purchases are easy and safe. Sales on are seamlessly powered by PayPal. This allows artists to accept a variety of payment options, and customers can feel safe knowing their money is handled by a trusted name like PayPal.

Below is an example of a Fine Art World "Community Website".

Quang Ho - "Primary Arrangement"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fine Art Websites with a Gallery Look and Feel

Fine art websites or artist websites should have a gallery look and feel. Unfortunately when browsing for artwork online, most art collectors discover that the internet is cluttered with really bad art websites. Artist and gallery websites are notorious for having poor design, disorganized layouts, confusing navigation, and horrible color choices. Way too often, images are too small and pixelated or they have not been optimized for efficient download times and make viewing art a slow and arduous process.

Browsing an artist or gallery website should be more like walking through a high-end gallery or art museum. In most cases, the design should be cleans and the background colors should not distract from the artwork itself.

Fine art websites are all about imagery,,, or they should be. Images take time to download and the bigger the image the bigger the file size which increases download times. For this reason, it's important that fine art websites have images that are optimized for the best quality and speed at reasonable download rates. In doing so, art collectors have a much better user experience while browsing your artwork.

Fine Art World websites provide artists and fine art photographers with a content management systems that optimizes images for downloading efficiency without sacrificing quality and size. Plus, Fine Art World websites come with easy-to-use navigation making it easy for art collectors to search for artwork. Learn more about Fine Art World websites.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More than Fine Art Websites - A Fine Art Community and Market Place

Browse Fine Art World Artists
While Fine Art World designs and develops high-end artist, gallery, and fine art websites, it's important to remember that FAW is also a fine art community and marketplace. In fact Fine Art World started out as a community website before it introduced its Independent artist and gallery sites or "Stand Alone" websites.

Fine Art World's goal from the beginning has been to provide the art world or community with a website where artists and galleries display and sell artwork and fine art photography and art collectors quickly and easily browse and buy original artwork and fine art prints.

This translated into developing artist and gallery websites located within called Community Websites. Each artist and gallery receives one of these community websites and can post information like gallery statements, biographies, news, events, lists, custom content, and of course artwork. Artists and galleries benefit from the marketing power of Fine Art World and the power of numbers.

Fine Art World Community Websites are easy to manage with built-in content management systems that anyone with a basic computer understanding can use. Plus each site comes with seamlessly built-in e-commerce tools powered by PayPal.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Web Design Tips for Fine Art Websites

Last week we listed several key items to consider when buying or designing a fine art website. The items were as follows:
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-commerce
  • Content Management Systems
We primarily focused on the importance of Content Management Systems because of the number of updates an artist website undergoes on a regular basis. If you're an active artist, you should continuously be updating your website with new artwork, shows, news, events, ect. In this post we will be focusing on the design and layout of a fine art website.

When browsing the web through artist websites, gallery websites, and fine art websites, it seems that websites tend to fall under 4 conditions.
  1. Great Web Design and Bad Programming.
  2. Great Web Programming and Bad Web Design.
  3. Bad Web Design and Bad Web Programming.
  4. Or on rare occasions: Great Web Design and Great Web Programming.
Obviously #4 is the best option. We'll cover programming in another post.

Fine Art World Edward Aldrich Website
Great design consists of several criteria including:
  • Layout
  • Color
  • Font Usage
  • Navigation
  • Background Images
  • Ease of Use
  • Aesthetics
 A fine art website with great design should be eye-catching, engaging, easy-to-navigation, professional, well branded, and should accentuate the artwork. Two major issues in web design are distraction and bad navigation. The design should not distract from the all important artwork and should be easy-to-browse.

Fine Art World websites are designed with these concepts in mind. The community websites and independent websites are easy to navigate and make artwork shine.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fine Art Websites & Content Managment Systems

Fine Art World Content Management System or Control Panel
When looking into web design and development, there are a number of things to consider:
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • And more
One item that is often overlooked is the Content Management System (CMS). Most artists and even businesses are more concerned with the design, layout, and domain names because these are the web items that people can actually see on a website. On the surface you won't see the content management system because it's a "behind the scenes" item.

The Content Management System is very important. CMS gives the artist or site owner the power to change or "Manage" the text, images or "Content" on their website. Otherwise you have to pay a designer or developer for any changes which can be expensive. Plus those changes have to be made around the programmer's schedule which means it could take time.

Some websites may not need a content management system. If you have very little need for updates on your website, a content management system could be overkill. However, in the case of fine art or artist websites it's 100% essential.

A fine art or gallery website should need constant updates. As an artist continues to create new artwork or a gallery obtains new artists and artwork, they will continue to upload that artwork and those new artists. When an artist has an upcoming show, the artist must be able to update their website with information about that new show.

The Content Management System should be easy-to-use. If your average person can't use the system, then it defeats the purpose. Almost anyone with minimal computer experience and a computer with an internet connection should be able to add or change text or upload and delete new and old images.

Fine Art World has one of the world's most advanced Content Management Systems. Artists can quickly and easily log in and add, edit, or delete artwork, text, news, events and other information from just about any computer with an internet connection.

In the screenshot above you can see how easy it is to add a biography to one of the Fine Art World artist websites. The artist can either manually type the biography in or "Copy and Paste". Then they click save and the artist's biography is instantly added to both the artist's Community Website and Independent Website. The same is true with artwork and other web content.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fine Art Website Company

Fine Art World, LLC is a fine art website design and development company. FAW provides a variety of clients including galleries, artists, photographers, publishers, and more with fine art websites designed to sell and display artwork.

Here are a few of the fine art websites designed by Fine Art World: