Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fine Art Websites with a Gallery Look and Feel

Fine art websites or artist websites should have a gallery look and feel. Unfortunately when browsing for artwork online, most art collectors discover that the internet is cluttered with really bad art websites. Artist and gallery websites are notorious for having poor design, disorganized layouts, confusing navigation, and horrible color choices. Way too often, images are too small and pixelated or they have not been optimized for efficient download times and make viewing art a slow and arduous process.

Browsing an artist or gallery website should be more like walking through a high-end gallery or art museum. In most cases, the design should be cleans and the background colors should not distract from the artwork itself.

Fine art websites are all about imagery,,, or they should be. Images take time to download and the bigger the image the bigger the file size which increases download times. For this reason, it's important that fine art websites have images that are optimized for the best quality and speed at reasonable download rates. In doing so, art collectors have a much better user experience while browsing your artwork.

Fine Art World websites provide artists and fine art photographers with a content management systems that optimizes images for downloading efficiency without sacrificing quality and size. Plus, Fine Art World websites come with easy-to-use navigation making it easy for art collectors to search for artwork. Learn more about Fine Art World websites.

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