Monday, February 13, 2012

Sell Fine Art Online - Part 2: Domain Name

Last week we started part 1 of a series called "Sell Fine Art Online" where we talked about selecting an online venue. We broke it down into 2 main types of venues: community websites and independent websites. We also mentioned that Fine Art World provides both types of fine art websites in one easy-to-use control panel or content management system. This week we are discussing domain names.

Domain names are basically the web address of your website. Fine Art World's domain name is and it's web address would technically be When artists and/or galleries register for certain Fine Art World memberships, they receive 2 web addresses through Fine Art World:
The Community web address normally means nothing to the artist or gallery because the artist isn't going to hand this web address out. Most people are going to find an artist's community website through or a Google search. However, the artist or gallery will hand out their Independent web address because their Independent Website is all about them and there is no fear of competition.

Fine Art World normally recommends that artists and galleries register a domain name with a domain registrar and "domain forward" that domain name to their Independent Website. This allows artists and galleries to have a more personal web address.
Take Sophy Brown for example. Sophy is a Fine Art World Premium Artist Member. This means she has both a Community Website ( ) and an Independent Website ( ). When Sophy wants to send people to her website to see her artwork, she's not going to send them to her Community Website where there are thousands of other artists to compete with. Instead she will send them to her Fine Art World Independent website where it's all about her

Sophy registered the domain " ", and domain forwards that domain name to her Independent Website " ". On business cards she just puts as her web address. When someone types in that web address it domain forwards them to her Independent Website.

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