Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sell Fine Art Online - Part 5: Content Management Systems

Easy Content Management Systems for Artist Websites
In this current series "Selling Fine Art Online" we've been talking about how to sell fine art online via fine art websites and other online venues. Last week in our series, we took a look at the importance of web design and things to consider when selecting a web designer. This week is about Content Management Systems.

The importance of a Content Management System is going to depend on the kind of website you have. When it comes to fine art websites or artist websites, a good content management system is vital. It's important to note that I said a "good" content management system is vital, because there are a lot of bad ones out there.

Why do artists need a content management system for their artist website?
For some websites a content management system may not be as important, but when it comes to fine art, it's essential. The purpose of a fine art website is to display and sell fine art online. Artists are constantly creating new art. An artist should be able to take a snapshot of their work and instantly put the image online with sizing and pricing. A good content management system allows an artist to do this quickly and easily.

When you don't have a content management system built into your website, you typically have to pay a web designer to upload the content for you. This means time and money.

What makes a Content Management System "Good"?
A good content management system is designed to be easy for anyone to use, not just a web designer. It should use terminology that makes since to the average person. The CMS should also help, not hurt your SEO standings.

A Warning
Having a Content Management System doesn't mean you need to constantly make changes to your website. If you have a new piece of artwork or if the prices of your artwork change then sure,,, make the needed changes. But some content is better left alone. Search engines look for well written content that pertains to what their visitors are looking for. So unless the information is out-dated or wrong, you might consider keeping it.

Fine Art World makes selling art easy because their content management system is easy. Whether an artist is loading new artwork, changing prices on old artwork, or updating a biography, almost any update takes a few seconds. As easy as their control panel is, if you still have troubles, Fine Art World has amazing customer service.

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