Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sell Fine Art Online - Part 6: E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce Fine Art Websites - Powered by PayPal
When selling fine art online through a website or some other online venue, the e-commerce tools you choose are very important. Three considerations come to mind when choosing an e-commerce company or processor:
  1. Security
  2. Ease of Use for the Seller
  3. Ease of Use for the Buyer
With any online transaction or exchange of personal information, security is king. Online security has two sides to it. One, the website, programming and processes should actually be secure. Two, the reputation of that company's security may be just as important. You don't want a customer wavering on a decision because they don't know or maybe don't trust the company.

The seller, or in our case, the artist or gallery, should be able to manage their e-commerce tools quickly and easily. This means if there is a change in the product information or pricing, they should be able to make the changes themselves. If the seller wants to upload a new product, it should be easy to do. The seller has enough to worry about with keeping the books, managing the prices, managing the inventory, and in the case of the artist, maybe even doing some artwork. They shouldn't have to worry about, "How do I do this again?" It should just be easy. The ease of use is directly related to the content management system or CMS as mentioned in last week's blog post.

Finally, online purchases should be easy for the buyer. Don't allow a poor interface or hard-to-use e-commerce tools stand in the way of a sell. Purchasing artwork should be easy.

Fine Art World is an excellent choice for a fine art e-commerce website. FAW provides artists and galleries with two online venues:
  1. Independent Website ( A personal stand-alone website for self-promotion. )
  2. Community Website ( A fine website located directly on with plenty of exposure to art collectors and potential clients. )
Fine Art World's artist websites and gallery websites are seamlessly integrated with easy-to-use  e-commerce tools powered by PayPal — a secure, trusted, and convenient e-commerce company.

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