Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sell Fine Art Online - Part 3: Web Hosting

    Web Hosting for Fine Art Websites
    Last week we talked about domain names and the role they play in selling fine art. This week is about web hosting for a fine art website.

    Web hosting refers to a physical server that all of the text, images, and any other content on your website is stored. If the domain name were the address of your home, the web hosting would be the actual lot of land that your home sits on. In this metaphor, you might say your home is the website.

    Web hosting is an essential part of any stand-alone website. Web hosting goes hand in hand with your domain name. If you're selling your art through a community based website like Amazon or eBay, hosting and domain names generally do not apply.

    The cost of hosting is all across the board, but on average you are probably looking at about $100 for your web hosting, $12 for your domain name, and anywhere from $2,000 - $10,000 for web design and development. This might not even include a content management system which means you would have to pay and wait for changes to your website.

    Fine Art World is an excellent alternative to traditional web development. Fine Art World provides the web address, web hosting, web design, and web development for 1 low cost monthly membership fee. Depending on your membership, Fine Art World provides you with both an Independent Website (Stand-Alone website) and a Community Website for additional exposure to art collectors, interior designers, and galleries.

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